Sheltered Work Opportunities Project

Our Vision, Mission and Values

SWOP including Cherry Tree and Chestnut Nurseries was first created over 30 years ago and our core values remain the same today.

Our Vision, Mission & Values


A community where mental health does not define us.


We promote therapeutic horticulture as a basis to provide realistic work experience in a non-pressured environment, allowing those struggling with their mental health the opportunity to flourish.


  • Welcoming – our community is always pleased to see its members
  • Listening – we make time to listen to each other’s problems, stories and successes; peer support is invaluable and is encouraged and facilitated
  • Compassionate and non-judgemental – we respect everyone and see the person behind the diagnosis
  • Practical – we provide and share skills and advice that can be used in everyday life
  • Diversity and inclusivity – everyone is treated equally and fairly, irrespective of their age, disability, ethnicity, religion, gender and sexual orientation
  • Empowerment – all are encouraged and supported to fulfil their potential