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Chestnut Nursery Poole
Chestnut Nursery Poole
Chestnut Nursery Poole

Chestnut Nursery is a charitable garden plant nursery growing annual bedding, perennials, climbers, shrubs, grasses, bamboos, ferns, herbs, conifers, fruit trees, house plants and exotics that are suited to the local area for sale to our ever-expanding customer base at our Nursery site in Kingland Road (on the edge of Poole Park). Also available are composts, pots and all manner of gardening sundries and accessories. Our knowledgeable and welcoming staff are always on hand to help.


Seasonal Bedding:

The tradition of growing bedding plants continues in our greenhouses where our dedicated Volunteers grow a comprehensive selection of seasonal bedding, available to the public all year round. With summer bedding, gown in packs, pots, containers and baskets. Nothing quite matches the colour and splendour of bedding in full bloom.


Herbaceous Perennials:

The sustainable choice for foliage and flowers, herbaceous perennials come back every year, in an array of textures and colours, hights and habits. Ideal for containers and borders and with varieties that grow in shade to full sun, their flowers are often perfect for pollinators, providing a source of nectar for wildlife.     

chestnut nursery plants poole


Cover that unsightly fence or wall. Grow up a pergola or obelisk. Our range of climbers both evergreen and deciduous, winter and summer flowering, will do it all. Why not check out our selection of obelisks, trellis and plant supports as well as garden twine to help your climbers reach their full potential.   


Possibly the most important plants in any garden, we have shrubs for all planting situations. Shade, full sun, damp or dry. From low growing or spreading to tall and narrow our shrubs make perfect feature plants offering structure, texture and flowers. Also available are a range of hedging solutions.

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chestnut nursery shrubs poole

Grasses and Bamboo:

Architectural and ever arching, Grasses and Bamboo bring movement into your plantings. From low growing, wispy Stipa grasses wafting in the wind through to tall swaying bamboos providing screening. We have a wide selection of type and form to suit both containers and boarders.


Majestic ferns, that bring a calming and prehistoric feel to any space. We’re fanatical about ferns and grow an exciting selection from around the world. Ferns thrive in shady areas, but we also have some types that will tolerate full sun! From enormous Tree Frens down to dainty Maidenhairs, we have all sizes available. 

Herbs & Vegetables:

Supercharge your mealtimes with healthy herbs, not only do they bring flavour but all the health benefits of essential oils and antioxidants too! Fancy growing your own vegetables? We have you covered with a good selection of seasonal plants.


From pyramids to balls, standards to the very tall, including the world’s largest and rarest, our conifers are grown in a sizes and shapes to suit all. 

Fruit trees and Flowering Cherries:

Nourishment straight from nature, our range of fruit are grown in organic compost and are sure to produce bountiful crops. Flowering Cherries grown for their impressive display of flowers come in a choice of colour, habit and size.  Cascading, upright or dwarf is your choice!    


Exciting, unusual and completely achievable in our local climate. We are famed for our experience in cultivating exotic plants from across the globe. From massive leaves to unusual flowers, the world really is at your fingertips when you view our range. Come see for yourself!

House Plants:

Turn your home into your own personal Eden with our comprehensive and on trend array of houseplants, cacti and succulents.


Composts, Barks & Aggregates:

Because we care, and with expert advice on hand we have your growing needs covered. A wide range of grow media, barks and aggregates awaits in our retail area, so your containers and boarders can provide optimal growing conditions.

Indoor Gardening:

Our indoor plant care range features enriched potting mixes, nutritionally balanced feeds, accompanying accessories and even educational guides and books. Everything you need to create your own personal Eden!

Feeds and Additives:

From helping you prepare the soil or giving your plants many times more blooms, to growing juicy tasty vegetables, our feeds are packed full of goodness to ensure your plants are strong and healthy.

Seeds and Lawn Care:

Start your growing journey at Chestnut with an array of many varieties from the best suppliers, to include Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers and Wildlife Mixes.

Tools & Accessories:

We have everything a gardener could possibly need to be a success. With a wide selection of the best quality tools, gloves and accessories.

Pots & Containers:

The best plants need the best containers, which is why we only sell the highest quality frost free and sustainable brands in a range of classic and contemporary styles.

Gifts and Local Produce:

Looking to treat yourself or someone special? Why not browse our ever-expanding range of local gifts and produce.


Please see our Events Page for the latest details – thank you.

Opening Times: Monday to Saturday – 9am to 4pm, Sunday 10am to 4pm


Chestnut Nursery
75 Kingland Road
BH15 1TN

Tel: 01202 685999

Email: info@chestnutnursery.org.uk