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A friendly welcome awaits our customers in our retail shop. Currently open seven days per week, we have a large range of plants including herbaceous perennials, grasses, roses, fruit and ornamental trees, seasonal bedding, herbs, vegetables and much more!

Much of our stock is lovingly grown as part of our charitable purpose and our plants thrive on the attention given just as much as the people providing this care,

Inside we have a host of houseplants, gardening accessories and gifts.

See what some of our customers have said:

‘Hey what a wonderful place

Absolutely gorgeous and very well priced plant nursery. The public section is medium sized with loads of options.

‘Great staff, always happy to answer questions or direct you to someone in the know! My go to nursery when I feel the need to enlarge my plant collection. Have tried saying to myself I only need X & Y today but come out with A-Z!  What a great charity to support?

Great range of plants, shrubs etc. Great prices. Very popular even when raining !! Well worth a visit they will have something you didn’t know you needed 😁😁😁😁😁 I’ve never come out empty handed.

A lovely, comprehensive garden centre. The plants are super well cared for. They were fine with me bringing my little dog 🐕, in fact they spoiled her. They carried out 7 really heavy bags of compost for me. Best thing about this great centre (and there are many) are the staff. Absolutely wonderful people.

What a delight. Lovely presentation and happy smiley staff. Loved it. Made it easy to spend money. All prices were very reasonable


Opening Times: Mondays to Saturdays 9am to 4pm. Sundays 10am to 4pm


Cherry Tree Nursery
Off New Road Roundabout
Dorset BH10 7DA

Tel: 01202 593537

Email: contactus@cherrytreenursery.org.uk